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Celec Power Factor Correction Unit - Guarantee 12% savings on your electricity billing or your money back!

  • EACO2 is excited to deliver further energy savings application with some outstanding results. The new CELEC Power Factor Correction Units that guarantees to save a minimum saving of 12% on your electricity billing or your money back.
  • Effective on equipment containing electric motors, florescent lights and site operations, poor power factor cost you money.
  • Eliminate power factor penalties or peak loads on your billing.
  • A poor power factor will result in additional electricity costs to your business.
  • Six different levels of energy savings according to variation in Load.
  • Easy to install.

So contact our office and and START SAVING $$$

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Your Energy Saving Specialists - EACO2

  • Energy Saving Specialists
  • Awareness Reduction Units
  • Specialist in LED Lighting
  • Coolnomix Distributors - AC-01 & AR-01
  • Energy Saving Audits
  • Celec Power Factor Correction Units - guarantee 12% savings or your money back
  • Reduced Kilowatt Hours (KWH)
  • Carbon Emission Trading
  • Savings that are identified and real.......

EACO2 is please to introduce the COOLNOMIX™

AC-01™ & AR-01™ is a new replacement control system to substantially reduce running costs in fixed temperature compressor driven air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

COOLNOMIX™ AC-01™ & AR-01™ is easily fitted to air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

AC-01™ & AR-01™ is designed to reduce running costs in even the most demanding high humidity environments. The main features include:

  • Reduced power consumption by up to 30% (in some cases even higher)
  • Minimized running costs compared with the best modern inverter systems
  • Dual temperature sensor design delivering exceptional temperature stability

COOLNOMIX™ design developed using state of the art Artificial Intelligence software to adjust its energy saving characteristics to each and every compressor cycle.

Benefits for a details energy management plan:

  • EACO2 manufacture a range of awareness reduction units (ARU) custom designed for your business. When installed at the source of your organizations energy consumption such as AC motors, air conditioners and refrigeration’s significant savings are achieved.
  • Our LED Lighting range can deliver savings of up to 58% on your lighting operations.
  • The Celec Power Factor Correction Units guarantees to save a minimum saving of 12% on your electricity billing or your money back.

Current result being achieved:

  • Hotel, PF Before 0.85, PF After 0.98, correction of 14%
  • IGA, PF Before 0.75, PF After 0.98, correction of 24%
  • Park Ridge Hotel, PF Before 0.82, PF After 0.95, correction of 14%
  • Franklins Supermarket, PF Before 0.81, PF After 0.98, correction of 18%